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About the Author 

Rev. Dr.  Laura Anne Thornberry has been blessed with being fully connected spiritually since birth.  She has experienced prophetic dreams, instantaneous “knowing”, and intuitive interaction with energy.  She has been educated academically receiving a Bachelors Degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a major in Anthropology and a minor in Mathematics.  She carries teaching credentials in the state of Missouri and the state of Florida.  She has various certifications in energetic training along with holding a Doctorate in Cosmocracy from TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation, Family of URI, Inc.®. 

Laura has taught spiritual truth for four decades.  She has assisted many people in getting in touch with their higher selves and in learning to listen to Spirit – that still small voice within them.  In that teaching, she used the techniques she chronicled in Meditation for the Western World:  De-Mystifying Meditation.  Students had immediate positive results and quickly gained confidence in their ability to reach a meditative state on their own.  Her own still small voice kept nudging her to put the information out in the book, workbook, CD and crystal format in order to reach a larger audience.  She was shown that meditation can have great impact in people’s lives but that most people in the Western World were intimidated with the thought of meditating.  Because Rev. Dr. Laura also trains people to access their own healing abilities, she is aware that the first step to becoming an adept healer is to be able to enter a meditative (altered brain wave frequency) state.  Reaching altered states of consciousness is important to work with energy constructively. 



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